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Have you ever seen how samurais grasp their particular swords? You will think: “What a roll these make me now if what I want is to exterminate the insects present in my house or around me” Don’t worry, everything we say has a reason

When using an electric fly swatter you have to know from where you have to hold it exactly on the handle, which is the best way to swing it, how far safe the person who lives with you has to be while you use it to avoid evils older, etc

That is why we gave you the example of the samurai. They move her back, grab her and hit just like it has to be. That will be you from today, a complete samurai of the electric fly swatter. You just have to scroll down, click on the article and you will be next to it

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What models of electric fly swatter rackets do we have for sale in the current online market?

Depending on the size they have, the type of battery they use, the type of material, whether or not they recharge via USB, whether they have a built-in led sensor or not and the amount of volts they have, we will classify the different prototypes of electric fly swatters that we have. currently for sale in different online departments. We are going to analyze each of the features in detail:

Electric fly swatter rackets size

Depending on how restrained or spacious the fly racket is, we can classify it into a size S or M by looking at details such as the base of the racket, the size of the stick or its thickness. Currently, we find 3 different sizes and oriented for certain circumstances:

Mini electric fly swatter rackets

It is the smallest model on the market. At the same time, it is the most ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable to carry both in a backpack, in a suitcase or even hanging from your left or right wrist. Not because it is small will mean less power, but it does have less space to catch as many insects as possible. For example, if you are going to go camping for several months, it is not the size you have to choose

It is designed for occasional uses or express getaways of 1 day, such as to the beach or the forest for a picnic. If you dig deep, you may even find yourself buying two electric fly swatter rackets for the price of one. If you are one of those people who love small artifacts or their use is going to be in specific escapes or to use at home, this is the model you have to choose

Medium size or M electric fly swatter rackets

The standard size of fly killer rackets that covers many online stores in the sector . The base of the racket becomes larger, the length of the stick becomes a little larger, being less ergonomic and less comfortable to carry, but you gain in field space to kill several insects at the same time. It is designed to be used both in private and domestic areas as well as in public areas such as camping

If you are going to be on vacation in an apartment near the beach or in this case if you are going to be camping for several months, this is the size chosen by all those people who are going to enjoy a long vacation. Being larger than the mini fly killer rackets, they are capable of eliminating mosquito pests, flies or any insect pest you come across. If you are not one of those who cares about lightness, together with what we told you above, these are the racket dimensions you have to choose

Long or L size of electric fly swatter rackets

The largest in the entire segment. The least ergonomic and less light, but the most “bully” when it comes to catching insects of a very small size, important mosquito pests , such as small or large ones such as tiger mosquitoes. This size is usually chosen by all those people who already have a smaller fly swatter at home . They use it as an alternative to the smallest

The latter to eliminate the typical fly that bothers us and the other (the big one) to eliminate pests in the middle of a nightly meal outside the caravan parked in a specific place on the campsite or near the beach, if that is where you will stay. They are the ones with the highest voltage capacity, that is, the most powerful, so they are the most effective when it comes to eliminating insects even of somewhat large sizes. If you are one of those people who wants the most top in fly killer rackets or you are going to give it a routine use , this model has to buy it yes or yes

Battery type of electric fly swatters

With this, we will classify fly killer rackets according to whether you have the classic alkaline batteries found in a remote control or lithium-ion batteries present in high-end watches or smartphones. The one who carries one or the other will have an impact on greater money expenses and more versatility. We go with each of them:

Alkaline batteries in electric fly swatters

We find it in most models that are currently on sale. They usually use a double AAA alkaline battery and we can find it in both very small and very large rackets . Having this type of battery will result in higher future expenses and less versatility. Why? Imagine: you are on a hiking route and you stop to eat in the middle of the field, you see that insects bother you and you use your racket

You run out of batteries and you are surprised that you have not bought extra batteries, but buying batteries has fixed costs from time to time and less versatility, because if you do not have batteries on hand and you are far from a physical establishment, no you will have no chance of charging the battery. Alkaline battery chargers are available, but they must be plugged into a power outlet. If you are going to use it alone at home, choose this model

Lithium-ion batteries in electric flyswatters

The opposite is the case with lithium ion batteries. They are present to a lesser extent if we compare them directly with the alkaline ones. They usually use a single lithium battery, which in many models is not included. The good thing is that this expense can be profitable for several years, not having to resort every “x” weeks or months to buy batteries . Having this type of battery will result in lower expenses and more versatility. Everything is explained by the type of battery used and the portable usb charger available by reputable brands such as Xiaomi

You will see: you are on the beach, you only have a single racket and in the middle of the afternoon you run out of battery. If you buy some of the USB charger boxes and that model you verify that it has the battery mentioned here, you can give it a quick plug in for about 15-20 minutes, having a couple of hours of use if you do not shake it much . This detail cannot be achieved with standard class fly killer rackets. Many of these chargers, like those of the Chinese manufacturer, have many milli-amps (mH) that will allow you to fully charge the racket and even the smartphone on duty. If you are going to use it more away from home than at home  choose this prototype

USB recargable on electric fly swatters

Whether or not it has this addition will give your fly killer racket more time to use for several days, making it more advisable to use subtly in a domestic place or a more constant use in places outdoors.

Electric fly swatter without USB recargable

They are the cheapest fly killer rackets on the market and the lightest. Its finishes in terms of the material used are the simplest, only alkaline batteries are allowed and they do not have state-of-the-art details incorporated. They are the most purchased in mass by those who are only going to use it at home or in the car, with journeys in their own place of residence. For those users with a limited budget, who do not want to spend too much or are going to give it a specific use, these are the models you have to choose

If you have a country house with a large field, you can continue to opt for this archetype of electric fly swatter, but know that you will need artificial light to visualize the insects and eliminate them. If you are one of the people who are more outside your home than inside it or you are going to make long trips in the car , we have the ideal one for you. Keep reading below

Electric fly swatter with USB recargable

The most expensive fly killer rackets on the market and slightly less light compared to fly killer racquets without a USB plug. Its finishes are more sophisticated and resistant, therefore, they are heavier, and it uses state-of-the-art batteries, in addition to the LED light that many of them incorporate , one of those characteristics that reveals that we are in front of a fly-killing racket of Last generation

For those users with a loose budget, who do not care how much to spend and want the best of the market , these are the models you have to choose. They are ideal to take them with you if you go camping with your tent near the beach , away from the artificial light of streetlights, and for the unique possibility of recharging them with your own smartphone as with a portable charger of several USB ports . With the built-in LED light, you will be able to attract mosquitoes or any insects without having to resort to the light of flashlights or the flashlight that radiates the flash of your smartphone

Type of material used in electric fly swatters

Based on the inclusion of innovative or common elements, we distinguish two similar but different elements in all fly killer rackets. One we find them in standard and low ranges of electric fly swatters, another in higher ranges. We are going to analyze what benefits having one or another element brings you

Plastic in electric fly swatter rackets

The plastic that you can find in any cheap children’s toy. This does not mean that a fly-killer plastic racket will be worse, only that you will lose SOS class sensors on the way once it is turned on to avoid electrifying someone and LED sensors that will allow you to do things like those mentioned. in advance , even flashlight if you go to the toilet at midnight and you can’t see your smartphone anywhere. Had it occurred to you?

The presence of this material will make you have an electric fly swatter that is less sober, rubbery, resistant and durable over time. If you are one of the users who wants to hold out with your racket for years, this type of material is not the one you have to choose. It is intended for private use at home and not to be carried from one place to another . Everything fits, in low ranges we have plastic, we do not have sensors and in low ranges if we have led sensors, a more resistant material. The price difference is what you have

Silicone in electric fly swatter rackets

This material stands out for its toughness and durability over time. Obviously it is only present in the most high-end fly killer racket models on the market , those that have the versatility of charging their battery outside of power outlets, the one with led visors, with safer meshes that will prevent the person from get a small electric shock and a more comfortable grip. But not everything was going to be gold …

Having this material does not highlight its lightness, somewhat heavier than normal, but the power in watts it has, much higher than the entire range located below the high, and that it has a more premium, more sophisticated and more finish. careful, it makes your weight flare up slightly . This one is meant to take you to one place or another. If you are one of those people who want their racket to withstand even falling to the ground or a very long durability over time , this is the material you have to choose

Added or not added LED light on electric fly swatters rackets

It is the ultimate in electronic fly swatter compartments. If you have some imagination and as you have seen in some of the examples mentioned above, taking advantage of this small focus is easy. Obviously, this addition means that we are in front of the most exclusive range of the current online panorama of electric fly swatters. We are going to explain what differences you will suffer between buying one with it or without it:

Electric fly swatter with LED sensor

Intended for those demanding users who want the best of the market or those who have a current budget high enough to spend more than 30 dollars on a fly killer racket. All those that have this detail included are more comfortable to hold on the wrist and their meshes electrify at a higher W power, being more efficient and precise when it comes to capturing insects than other models in the segment.

If you go camping near the beach or plan to go with several people to have a barbecue or dinner by the sea , the led range of electronic fly rackets is the one you have to keep 100% in mind. You will have more freedom when putting yourself into action, more comfort because you are going to eliminate insects from your hammock, but less prolonged use during a full day if you abuse the sensor too much. Only use it when the lighting conditions are completely dark

LED Sensorless Electric fly swatter Rackets

Intended for customers who are not a bite to get the top of the market, do not want to spend a lot of dollars or they are not going to give it constant use . We found it from middle and lower class models of electric fly swatters. Without the inclusion of this detail, you will not be able to use it at night in a field , if you are camping at night and do not have any artificial light, you will not be able to eliminate insects without moving from the site, but it will give you greater comfort to the time to shake it back and forth

If you are one of those users who has the whole house with an anti-mosquito mesh window and you do not live in the open, but more in the center of the city , choose the killer rackets of flies without led light

Amount of watts (W) generated by electric fly swatters

A clear way to distinguish a racket that is taller or less high in watts of power is to look at the volume of the club and whether the weight of the club is looser or looser. The greater the ability to electrify and eliminate several insects at once, the more power and less light weight it will have. These are the powers in watts that you can find the most in fly killer rackets:

Electric fly swatter rackets between 1000W-3000W

It includes a large part of the archetypes of electric fly swatters that are sold in the market. With a power in a thousand located in this range, you will be able to eliminate many insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, bees, but not others of larger sizes such as dragonflies or bumblebees. For the terraces that we have close to home or at the same address , an estimated voltage between one thousand and three thousand is enough to cover your needs.

The meshes do not have a triple layer , such as those with watts greater than 3 thousand, and they are not as safe and precise when it comes to eliminating insects, but as at home you will not normally find pests or bugs of a large size, you don’t need to go for the most powerful on the market . If you live in a rural area, more open and not enclosed like the typical old streets of the city, then it is better that you opt for the model that we will discuss below.

Electric fly swatter over 3000W-4000W

Designed to meet emergency needs when we are faced with the threat of a large insect or you come across a hornet’s nest in the middle of a sedentary route . With a power of a thousand located in this range, you will be able to eliminate any insect that occurs to you , not just the typical flies or small mosquitoes. If you are currently or have a second home that surrounds it only pure bushes and open field to nature , choose killer fly rackets from three thousand watts of power

The net at the base of the racket in these power ranges does have a safe triple layer to avoid any unforeseen event, being the most effective and efficient when it comes to eliminating insects , no matter how small. If you live in a house surrounded by others on a not very spacious street and you do not have a second residence, it is not necessary that you choose these power ranges, but you never know that even when you are not in the open, you may suffer the threat of a large insect dimensions

Why buy electric fly swatters in our online store?

We work with two of the most reputable stores in the sector such as Walmart or Homedepot so that you can acquire your fly swatter in a few clicks, but we are on the lookout to give you electric fly swatters from stores such as Kmart, B&M, Wilko, Voltage, Argos, Harbor Freight, Canadian Tire, Poundland, Lowes … countless stores to choose from where you will find that model of electric fly swatter most purchased in mass or less, since you also have the best prices and budget adaptability in the market ; electric fly swatters with cheap and more accessible prices for all the public , and electric fly swatters with more inaccessible and expensive prices, carried and carried to all places by the most demanding users

Working with the 2 stores that we told you and all the others that we will collaborate on in the future, will allow you to obtain consumer advantage such as: an indefinite stock of electric fly swatters for 24 hours, immediate availability, delivery delays more express or more standard assuming a extra shipping cost, with delays in express shipments of 24/48 hours and 72/96 hours or more, for standard shipments, the most personalized customer service in the market, the most trusted parcel services worldwide, such as Ups and DHL, exclusive access to promotions and discounts on electric fly swatters and the best consumer policy with a 1 or 2 year guarantee on the most expensive fly racket ranges and 0 purchase risk for 30 days in any price range

In many of the prototypes of electric fly swatters that you obtain, you will have a maximum period of thirty days to return your order in case it is defective, you have not been convinced or for any reason that occurs to you. If it has been broken by you, how to fall into the water or a hit from falling to the ground, this purchase coverage does not fit. The LED range of electric fly swatters is where the guarantee comes in, which will allow you to exchange it for a totally new one, whatever the reason

You have several ways to pay for your electric fly swatter: the first one is by making an instant payment through debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal or contactless payment with GPay. The second is through a bank transfer to different American banking entities, such as the well-known Bank of America. And the third and last is cash on delivery, paying in a physical store for your previously reserved electric fly swatter at the time of ordering , ideal to avoid queuing and make sure that no one will take that racket you want

Did you know that you can get your favorite electric fly swatter by paying it in installments, which is known as a monthly financing payment? You have the unique possibility of paying for the fly killer racket for several months, in which you will hardly have to contribute a few dollars that you can count on your fingers . Of course, you can only enjoy this benefit if you choose a high-premium range of fly killer rackets . For the lower ranges you will not be able to enjoy this payment method. This detail, without a doubt, will allow you to have and instantly enjoy the purchasing flexibility you need if you are currently experiencing financial difficulties

If you are part of the premium plans of some of the stores, you will get instant benefits such as less delayed shipping, reduced prices on some electric fly swatters, more personalized attention and less delay in being attended to and solving the problem. IMPORTANT if you are NOT from the USA: if you are going to buy your killer fly swatter racket and you do not reside on American soil, buy it at so you do not have shipping problems or a very high shipping cost

We collaborate with Amazon, we had not told you beforehand, and in the online giant you have brands of flyswatters such as Bugzoff, Black Flag, Elucto, Fruit… It’s a non-stop! Highly trusted brands and fly killer rackets of all ranges, wherever you are. With the parcel services with which Amazon provides service, such as those mentioned above, receiving them at the door of your house will not be any problem

Practically any model of fly killer racket that you buy has VAT added to the final amount of the order . In any case, check according to the store where you buy it if you have this tax included or not. It will not be of a high price, considering that you are not going to spend hundreds of dollars, unless you buy for the whole family and they are from a premium range

Only in this case, the last one we comment on, will fully enter the customs policy, the one that will make you have to pay an extra, and particularly if you reside outside of American territory or the electric fly swatter comes from Chinese warehouses or Asian territory. Any questions you have about a purchase benefit that we have overlooked, you can communicate them by clicking here 😉

Eager to kill the flies in style? Tired of spending several minutes trying to eliminate the fly with a traditional fly swatter? Do not worry! With the most complete, varied and price-deferred inventory of electric fly swatters that has at your disposal , you will find and choose just the model you are looking for and at the best price. Run, click, book it in the cart and order before it runs out of stock!

What are the current electric fly swatter prices?

We are going to put the definitive itinerary on a platter in a matter of a few seconds so that you know what the average price of that fly killer racket you want to award you is. We will never promise you exact prices, since each manufacturer is different and although one model or another is practically similar in characteristics, they can offer different prices. Take into account the following criteria when assessing the value of an electric fly swatter:

If you inquire about an online or physical store and you find a small volume of fly killer racket, with a soft plastic material, without any incorporation of LED lights, with a small amount of W in power, without a USB rechargeable port and a battery extra that you have to buy, the ones that your television control has for example, you will be in front of what is considered a range or low class of fly killer tennis rackets, with costs that will be around between $ 5-$ 25 . The first criterion, that of size, is not essential. You don’t take it into account. The others yes

On the contrary, if that fly killer racket uses rougher, not so soft plastic elements, it has an SOS-class infrared sensor at the bottom, another sensor at the top that radiates its own light, high amount of W in Power, with rechargeable USB 3.0 ports and a lithium ion battery included in the device, you will be ahead of the so-called range or high class of fly killer tennis rackets , with approximate amounts that will be around between $ 30-$ 60

The price can be slightly more than 60 dollars if you request a custom design on the electric fly swatter, such as a photo or signature of yours. If you do not live in the United States and you need how many total dollars you have to pay in your local currency, click here

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